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Georgia Department of Education

RESA (Regional Educational Service Agencies) is an agency established to provide shared services to improve the effectiveness of educational programs and services of local school systems and to provide direct instructional programs to selected public school students.

Metro RESA (Atlanta Metro Area)
1870 Teasley Drive, SE
Smyrna, GA 30080-2474
Director: Ms. Jane Huntley
Tel: 770 432-2404
FAX: 770 432-6105
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- Information on Atlanta schools and a link to a directory of K-12 schools in Fulton County.

At Atlanta Apartments, we understand the importance of education in today's society. Parents want nothing more than to place their children in schools where they know their children will be in good hands. Especially when moving to a new area, parents want to make sure that there are appropriate schools nearby. Researching specific needs and wants for their children's education is the first step that any moving parent should take.

A simple phone call to the school's district will answer most of your questions, but not all. Some cases may require a visit to a counselor who is more than willing to help a parent find the right education and school for their kids.

The internet is also a very useful source for information regarding ANYTHING related to your child's education. For the Atlanta area, one website offers desirable information on all K-12 schools in the Fulton County area:

Fulton County Schools

Our Mission:

To educate students to be responsible, productive citizens.

Our Vision:

The Fulton County School System is a place where all children learn to
their full potential in a safe, nurturing environment supported by involved and committed staff, family, and community in helping to prepare them for a successful future.

We Believe:
Student learning is the primary focus of our school system.

  • ALL students can learn.
  • Quality staff is imperative for student achievement.
  • Behaviors that convey high expectations lead to greater success.
  • Successful schools maintain partnerships among the home, school, and community.
  • School must prepare students for the changing future.

We Value:

  • Trust and Honest Communication
  • Common Understanding
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Results
  • Stakeholder Participation
  • Competence
  • Continual Improvement

Balanced Scorecard -- Our Measurement Tool

In 2000-01, the school system introduced a measurement tool called the Balanced Scorecard. The scorecard measures progress in all parts of the organization and guides school and administrative operations in planning, goal setting, and monitoring. Using data, targeted goals are set in the areas of student achievement, stakeholder involvement and satisfaction, instructional and administrative processes, staff learning and growth, and financial performance.

8-Step Instructional Process -- Our Classroom Teaching Model

Aligned with its See-Plan-Do-Check continual improvement process, the school system developed a classroom model for academic improvement. The 8-Step Instructional Process supports good teaching practices using a common language and consistent instruction planning.

The eight steps include the following:

  1. Data disaggregation
  2. Instructional timeline
  3. Instructional focus
  4. Assessment
  5. Tutorials
  6. Enrichment
  7. Maintenance
  8. Monitoring

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